Welcome to the Farm Store

What is a farm without a farm store? Open year round, our store is a cross between an old-fashioned apple stand and a millenial’s organic market. Our award winning hard ciders, Haybaler Switchel and vinegar are always available, and depending on the season and availability, we have a variety of other products as well.

Organic Apples

While our hard ciders and Haybaler are known nation- (even world-) wide, our organic apples are the stars of the show from the end of August until they run out in the New Year. We grow over 50 varieties on the farm, but only the best eating and cooking apples are offered for sale in the store. Check Facebook our call us at the farm to see what we have available.

Fresh Organic Cider

Apples that don’t make the grade for eating or cooking are first turned into our Fresh Organic Cider. Available from the point when we have a good blend of apples at the start of The Season until the cider runs out the following year, our organic, unfiltered, pure apple cider is second to none.

Pigs being nosy

Farm-raised Pastured Pork

Traditionally, pigs have been the garbage disposals of farms for hundreds of years, and the apple pulp “waste” from our cider production is a major part of the diet of our herd of heritage, pasture-raised, pigs. Our pork is naturally lean, sweet and processed organically. Frozen pork is available in the store – do call ahead to check availability.

Award Winning Hard Cider

JK’s Scrumpy is “The Original” – a pure blend of apples, unfiltered and without additives – is a world-class hard cider, and only the start of what we have available. In the store we have seven “standard” varieties, and always have a number of limited releases on tap for you to taste.

Otto's Sparkling CBD Ciders

This crisp beverage is made using only the finest Organic apple & fruit juices, flavorful hops, and relaxing CBD plant magic straight from American hemp fields. Otto’s is custom blended & bottled right here at Almar Orchards for Mirth Provisions of Washington State. Carbonated. No alcohol, gluten or THC. 30MG CBD per bottle. Available in 4 delicious farm-fresh flavors; Hopped Apple, Pear-Rhubarb, Pineapple-Passion & Cranberry-Orange.

Unfiltered Organic Vinegar

As the story goes, the women-folk used to take the men-folks hard cider to turn into vinegar, thus saving the men from the “evils of drink”, and producing a means to keep them working harder (Switchel), as well as a way to preserve a variety of foodstuffs. We have our own slowly fermented vinegar with the Mother, as well as Golden Valley vinegar imported from Idaho, available in the store.

Haybaler Switchel

Haybaler is our “drinking vinegar” – apple cider vinegar, honey and ginger – an old-fashioned energy drink, available in four flavors by the bottle, 4-pack or case. Come on into the store and try all four!


Bees (and other pollinators) are essential to the success of our apple crop, and at the store we offer the other product of their labor. Managed and processed by our “bee lady” Tina Pilarski, Almar Orchards raw honey is always available in the store, along with honey straws & beeswax.  We also offer Buckwheat honey in our Store. 

Maple Syrup

In olden days, every farm harvested sap from maple trees to make maple sugar and maple syrup. When the emphasis shifted to apples, the Almar sugarbush lay sleeping. Then, in 2017a neighbor Bob Frieke of Misteguay Sugarbush took over and now Almar Orchards Maple Syrup and Maple Sugar are available again in our store.


During The Season, and for special events the rest of the year, we have donuts just like the ones Grandma Mary Koan used to make. Hot, fluffy, made with an apple batter and a touch of cider in the mix, Almar donuts are not to be missed!  

Everything Else

In the spaces between the apples, the Haybaler and the hard cider, we have a variety of other items on offer including:

  • Eden Foods products - Sauerkraut, Apple Sauce, Apple Butter, Pumpkin Seeds, and Organic Popcorn
  • Slushies in the summer - icy-cold cider spiced with cinnamon
  • Hot Cider in the fall and winter - spiced with cinnamon and cloves
  • Zastros’ White and yellow popcorn
  • Free-Range Brown Eggs & Oliver Farm Cheeses
  • Otto's CBD Sparkling Ciders
  • Frozen Blueberries and Cherries
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