Northern Neighbour


We invite you to celebrate a collaboration of a few passionate American and Canadian farmers. The fruits of their labour are presented in this unique hard cider. We provide the apples from our Michigan orchard, and our neighbour’s to the north provide the Saskatoon berry, also known as the Serviceberry, which is not a berry at all but a distant relative of the apple. This cider has been carefully fermented here at Almar Orchards using our traditional methods. We hope you enjoy sharing this cider with your friends, family and neighbours.

Another name for the Saskatoon is the Moose Berry, because while we deal with rabbits and deer in our orchard, Saskatoon growers report that moose are their, literally, biggest pest. So a part of protecting the crop involves riding through the grove on 4-wheelers to chase the moose away. After hearing that, deer don’t seem quite so bad…

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