Our Products

We offer a variety of products at Almar Orchards, but none more popular than our Hard Ciders and Haybaler Switchel. Learn more about our products here.

Hard Cider

Our award-winning scrumpy is an old fashioned, “rough” farmhouse cider made from unselected apples. We keep the “farmhouse”, but we lose the “rough” because we use a select blend of apple varieties for each batch we brew.

Haybaler Switchel

Switchel is an old-fashioned “energy drink”, which has been served to generations of hard-working field hands to give them a boost of energy and to help them rehydrate in the hot summer sun.

Our Farm Store Products

We offer more than hard ciders and switchels in our farm store. Open year round, it is a cross between an old-fashioned apple stand and a millenial’s organic market. Be sure to check it out.