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Always Farm-Fresh

Come and enjoy the many different sights, aromas, and tastes that the farm market and donut kitchen have to offer.  (PLEASE NOTE:  Donuts are not made year-round.  They are generally available in September, October, and November.)  You can select products such as our sweet or alcoholic cider, raw honey, and apples of many different varieties.

Almar Orchards has taken the time and care of their customers — providing not only our own organic products but also local special items including eggs, butter (salted/unsalted), organic raw cheeses, popcorn and condiments.  Our very own pasture-raised organic pork and organic raw apple cider vinegar (with or without “mother”) are available for purchase, though some quantities are limited.

Organic apple cider slushies are on-hand during the warmer months, and mulled hot apple cider is sold during the colder months.  We often have seasonal items during our busy season such as squash, pumpkins and gourds and decorative ears of corn.