Almar Orchards History and Tradition
Over 100 years of quality & nurturing

Almar Orchards had its beginnings in the early 1900’s. Albert Koan Sr. was a fruit produce farmer who supplied the neighboring towns and cities all his farming life, and Albert Jr. continued that service, and with the desire of his son Jim Koan, has continued this idea to this very day.

Though there have been continuing changes and advancements in technology and additions to the farm, quality is still THE main driving force. Today, Almar Orchard ever-strives for “Quality Over Quantity” and is continuing in a family bound tradition of being the best that they can be.

Throughout the grand history of Almar Orchard, very few things have changed. The pride in a job well done and the care that is taken to produce a top notch product is what makes Almar Orchard one of a kind.

Throughout the history of the farm a mainstay has always been the orchards. Though times have changed, the Koan’s understand that the bottom line is about quality and the tradition of the final product. That particular attention to tradition is what sets Almar Orchards as a unique and growing endeavour – organic product, native-grown and concerted understanding of community and land-awareness.